Group/event mapping

Mapping can be a great way how to engage the public, engage the media and especially the local people to the initiative. This is a wonderful tool to bring the action to a local level and get new active volunteers who could be counted on also on later stages of the project.

One approach is to organize mapping events-weekends on certain areas - to announce publicly a mapping in one certain area.

It is good to first alert people through local and national media, contact local government people as well, and local journalists to invite them to participate in the mapping of their home region.

Mapping day starts with people assembling at a certain time in agreed meeting-point, if necessary the gps-devices or phones are divided to the mappers, then the territory is divided between mappers, based on what is the likely extent of the territory being covered by one team on that day. Then the teams (of 2-4 people) set out to map. The final meeting point and time can be also agreed - to gather the devices and give feedback and maybe have a little meal together. 

With this kind of co-operation it is possible to cover large areas very fast. Depending on the amount of volunteers engaged. If the amount of volunteers is big enough, you can have several meeting points and divide people between them from the start, covering different regions of the country at the same time. 

If is strongly recommended to make and share photos and videos of the mapping process and the stories from the mappers on the initiative website or through the media. This helps to create more awareness about the initiative and also bring out the problem visually to those who are looking past it. Mapping can be an eye-opening experience to mappers and others as well.