Why is mapping important?

The volumes of trash which can be calculated as a result of the mapping process is bases for all the following work: logistics planning, organizing transportation and cleaning it up. The quality and sort of the trash are important as well for the planning of all the following work.

Mapping is also important communication tool. As this is almost the first step of the whole project. It gives out a message that this is a real project, it has started and people are already doing it. The best way to visualize the problem is an online trash map in internet. Visual info is needed especially for media photos, maps, video-clips etc.

Based on the trash points and sort of the trash, we can determine:
- the estimate number of volunteers which is needed to clean it up;
- the necessary technical instruments or machines needed for collecting the trash;
- the necessary cars/trucks for trash transportation; 
- the optimal place of mid-stations for gathering trash;
- magnitude of needed finances.