Every team needs a vision that holds it together. It can come from one of you, it can come from few or many. Teams grows strong if the vision is shared by all, so that it forms the glue that binds you together. 

After the leading vision there has to follow action - you will have to divide tasks in the team, make decisions. That means finding many leaders amongst you, who are the best in bringing out the skills and motivation in others. 

There is no right way. Find the most efficient and best way for your team. So that everybody can contribute the way they want and can. 

If it’s such a big group of people, nobody is able to really manage it and be so strong in the middle so that nobody would fall off and people wouldn’t start going to different directions. So that is why you have to be strong together yourselves and hold yourselves together with shared goal and common values. 

Support each-other and hold together as a team. Do you know why a lot of leaders fail? Because their peole start criticizing them and not support them in their minds. Our mind is all-powerful tool for creating our past, presence and future. Look at what you do with your mind!